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Together with our long lasting partner - TrackMan, we have created a their video communication from ground up and helped them to become the leader industry.

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Video production company

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We help companies
connect with their audience


Specialists in explaining the technical & simplifying the complex.
Reach and engage potential customers, employees, or new partners with cutting-edge visual content.

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We are ideators and storytellers. We help you to find and ideal solution to your challenge and we consult you to achieve best results.



We can help with your Video Marketing and Production Needs


Motion Graphics

To explain elaborate idea, visually depict a problem or simply spice things up we


Post Production

We are ideators and storytellers. We help you to find and ideal solution to your challenge and we consult you to achieve best results.



Søren Petersen

Let’s create your video communication


Client workflow down to perfection

What if you made a case that was built on design and function, rather than flair and fanfare? That is what created Fractal Design: one single idea being sold one order at a time, all over Europe. The keyword here is “idea”, because this was before even a single prototype existed. Many said no thanks, but more than enough said “yes” to take us confidently from napkin sketches all the way to mass production.

Our Work


Product Branding

- Communicate key USPs with high-end product videos

- Leverage “customer success stories” with trustworthy casefilms

- Generate more leads with targeted SoMe video cont

- Educate potential customers with learning content

Powerful product oriented storytelling and visuals that will enhance your sales efforts. 

Corporate Branding

- Attract the right talent with HR/Corporate identity films

- Develop new partnerships through branded content 

- Increase brand awareness and loyalty with storytelling

- Increase customer loyalty through branded content

Insightful video content that clearly communicates your corporate culture, values and purpose. 

Internal Communication

- Increase knowledge levels with live streaming events

- Upgrade skills with engaging learning/training content

- Upgrade events and presentations with high-quality videos 

- Showcase corporate values and results through casefilms

Video assets and professional live streaming solutions that keeps your staff and internal stakeholders well informed across borders and travel restrictions.