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Which explanation do you find easiest to understand?


My name’s Ivan Popyrev and I work for advanced technology and Projectsgroup at google. The hand is the ultimate imput device, it’s extremly precise, it’s extremly fast and it’s very natural for us to use it. Capturing the possibilites of human hand was one of my passions. How can we take this incredible capability, finess of human action and finesse of using our hand, but apply it to the visual world. We use radio frequency spectrum which is radars, to track human hand. The radars have been used for many different things: to track cars, objects, satellites and planes.


 Google Project Soli – Introduction video


59% of executives surveyed would rather watch video than read text”

– Forbes Insights


With over 60% of the brain being involved in processing visual information, it’s not surprising then that the fastest way to explain something is visually. For example, when it comes to high-tech solutions, by using video to show what it does, an audience can quickly understand what the product is and how it can help them. And seeing something work in real life helps build trust amongst the audience as well as conveying stability and low risk.

In a marketing context we have specialized in creating videos that communicate your value proposition and reach different stakeholders – the people who use it as well as those who will pay for it. As example we created a video for Trackman that combines visual elements with a carefully crafted voiceover in favor of both Trackman and their customers.


 “65% of executives surveyed visited the marketer’s website after viewing a video”

– Forbes Insights



  TrackMan 4 – Product Video


If you also want to make use of the opportunities video enables and take the full advantages of your products contact Flicker Factory and let us help you visualize your “unique selling points”. Together we can communicate your value creation for the relevant target group.


“Video search results have a 41% better click trough rate than its text counterpart

– E Consultancy


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