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How can motion design help your company?


At a simplistic level, motion design can be described as a digital technique that combines pictures, words, sound and video to represent a story or data. In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in opportunities for the motion graphics industry, because they appear in all forms of popular media today, whether it’s online media, corporate videos, TV commercials, YouTube etc.


Animated Video Can Increase Your Conversion Rate By 20%


Today’s world demands fast and understandable information, and motion graphics is one of the best tools to express important ideas, create awareness and encourage the customer to act. Motion graphics design is the perfect middle ground because they’re short, and they communicate the message simply and effectively without wasting viewers’ time.

According to a study by Invodo, the average web user watches approximately 19 hours of video on the Internet every month. In terms of shopping on the web, 60% of shoppers regularly watch product videos, and doing so makes shoppers an astounding 174% more likely to buy the product in question.


80% Of Your Online Visitors Will Watch A Video, While Only 20% Will Actually Read ALL The Content


3 ways to communicate your idea


1. Kinetic typography. The context of your message is just as important as the message. We can utilize the potential of motion graphics to capture the attention of the target audience. It can be used to inject action into an otherwise static video, in order to make the final video more appealing to the viewer.



2. Explanatory videos. When it comes to digital products or services (e.g., launching a new website or app), animated explanatory videos are a great way to explain the story. Presenting your digital idea through a motion graphics video can help you gain investors, or raise awareness amongst the target audience. Alternatively, you can use an explanatory video to present functionalities of your website in a cost-efficient, customer-friendly way.


Only The Brave Foundation Manifesto


3. 3D objects and pack shots. A well-crafted 3D product presentation can show the physical construction of your product. Using this technique, you can present and explain a perspective which would be almost impossible to visualize in real life, and that can help the viewer to understanding the complexity and usage of the product. The advantage of 3D motion graphics is that they are easily adjustable – with a few simple clicks you can change the location and the colour of the object, and create visual harmony.



If you would like to know how motion design can help your business development, drop me a line with a short description of your project and we’ll find the best way to promote your idea!

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