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In July, we finished a case video for Citrix – a tech company offering seamless Internet access to ships. The video is aimed at the B2B market and, as is often the case with technology, it can be difficult for potential customers to understand how the technology works and how it provides value. To do this, the case video highlights a current customer who is able to explain the advantages of the technology and the value it has created in their own words. And we also used a combination of drone shots and graphics to help visualize the technology so that potential customers can see how it works.

We were excited to work with Citrix to explain their technology and get their message across, so it was great to hear from them about the positive feedback they’ve received, such as: “Absolutely fantastic imagery and powerful customer message” and “It is absolutely great – Everyone needs to see ;-)”


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I founded Flicker Factory in 2004 with a focus on creating appealing quality video content. Today, we help our clients communicate their value propositions and create customer engagement.


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